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PTT’s Road to Recognition: Navigating the Filipino Market

In their quest to further expand in Southeast Asia, Thai conglomerate PTT set their sights on conquering the Filipino market. But such a task is easier said than done. With 26 years of local experience through PTT Gas Stations and Cafe Amazon, PTT has learned that it’s no mean feat to both acquire and retain customers in Philippines’ ever-dynamic landscape. And so, even a multinational powerhouse like PTT needed a special strategy to change the game.

The CHALLENGE: RECOGNITION in the Filipino Market

Overcoming well-established competitors (like Shell, Petron, and Chevron) are the main hurdle for multinational companies seeking to enter or make an impact in the local market. Quality wise, PTT was confident that their products could compete against the Big 3. However, that meant nothing if the lack of brand awareness meant that customers barely even knew about them. Additionally, price considerations also heavily influenced patronage at gas stations. Both of which proved to be pain points for PTT as they continued to strive for local recognition. 

The Recipe for Success: PTT’s Loyalty Strategy

In an effort to hit two birds with one stone, and with encouragement from a trusted colleague, PTT partnered with ZAP to create their very own loyalty program. This not only elevated brand awareness and customer engagement, but also provided a competitive edge through better prices and rewards for loyal patrons.

However, as is often the case with big businesses, introducing new processes can often be tricky, due to the scale of operations and the sheer number of people involved. The franchisee status of a couple of PTT’s branches also provided an extra challenge – but the ZAP team’s warm support and dedication ensured that any challenges that arose were swiftly addressed and resolved.

The Result: Achieving Brand Awareness

The introduction of a loyalty program became the game-changer that PTT was looking for. ZAP’s comprehensive training and provided materials empowered them to effectively promote their loyalty program, leading to some branches experiencing a sudden spike in customer visits and transactions. The overwhelmingly warm reception that some branches received led to a 200% increase in customer visits and 65,754% increase in points redeemed after just their second month of operations, proving that customers were eager to engage with the program. 

Internally, PTT also enjoyed an unexpected bonus—the ability to monitor branch performance in real-time. With their decentralized operations, live data was often hard to acquire. Thanks to the loyalty program though, they now had immediate access to loyalty transaction statistics, giving them a quick and easy way to gauge their overall performance anytime they want.

Some stations (dealers) had such a good reception to the program that they would be the ones to take initiative and ask us about updates regarding the loyalty cards and system. 

– Jonah Angeles, Corporate Communications Manager

Onward and Upward: PTT’s Vision for the Filipino Market

Now that PTT has secured its position in the market and continues to grow, they’re setting their sights on becoming a household name in the Philippines, much like they are in Thailand. Their successful loyalty card in Thailand, known as the ‘Blue Card,’ was one of their greatest assets, encouraging customers to support their various brands as they continued to diversify their business. Perhaps we can look forward to them extending these benefits to the Philippines, and further solidifying their place in the local market! 

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Customer First: Kamiseta’s Journey of Excellence

“Luxury made affordable.” This is the impactful main tagline of Kamiseta, a well-loved brand whose sole purpose is to address the wellbeing of the total woman. Driven by a passion for enhancing beauty both inside and out, Kamiseta evolved from fashion to embracing skincare too. Despite being a relatively new player in the beauty clinic industry, they defied the odds by opening two branches in their first year alone. And today, after six years of unwavering commitment to quality service, they proudly boast five thriving locations – with more on the way!

To make a person feel better about themselves, not only with the clothes they wear but of course being more confident about their skin, about their beauty, as far as the face and body is concerned.

– Jojo Jose, Kamiseta

Goal: Reignite, Reward and Reconnect 

As other businesses that relied on F2F interactions to operate may have experienced, resuming services post-pandemic proved to be a struggle. Luckily, their steadfast customer base gave them some stability that allowed them to take the time to recover. Acknowledging that their loyal patrons were experiencing similar stresses in their own lives, they set out to create a special initiative that would mutually benefit both their business and their loyal customers.

Solution: The Power of a White Label Loyalty Program 

Enter ZAP Loyalty Solution. As recommended by a trusted friend, they decided that a white label loyalty program could be the very thing they were looking for. Their hopes for the loyalty program were three-fold: (1) to simply reward their customers, (2) to set themselves apart from the increasing competition and (3) to inspire customers to become active advocates and encourage others to try Kamiseta. 

With the help of ZAP’s dedicated support team, Kamiseta found the process of integrating the loyalty program with their current operations relatively smooth & simple. Documents, setup, installation, and training were expertly guided by ZAP, enabling Kamiseta to launch the program in just two weeks!

With its simple interface, the loyalty program made it effortless for both staff and customers to understand and engage. Since Kamiseta’s goal was to primarily reward their loyal customers, the loyalty program required little to no effort on their end to maintain or operate. 

[ZAP’s] system and processes are pretty simple, and easy. And it was a fit to our way of doing things. In spite of the fact that [our staff] are not really techy people, it was not that difficult for them to learn how to use it.

– Jojo Jose, Kamiseta

Result: Providing a Quality Customer Experience 

The outcome? Kamiseta achieved every goal they set for their loyalty program. Customers were loyal to their brand despite the increasing competition and profits were positively affected, even loyalty transaction amounts showed a tremendous improvement of a 178.95% increase. Customers also proved to be less reserved when spending (as they knew the program would reward them in one way or another) with the average transaction amount increasing by 38.11% (from their first to most recent year). The brand’s customer base also continued to grow with a 47.58% increase in new members. 

As a luxury beauty brand with high standards of service and customer-centric values, a loyalty program was the perfect solution. Operating seamlessly in the background, it allowed Kamiseta to consistently delight customers, reinforcing the brand’s legacy of exceptional care and service.

Kamiseta’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of loyalty, bringing their ‘Luxury made affordable’ mantra to life in a way that continues to captivate, reward and grow their clientele to this day.

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Brick by Brick: Lego’s Loyalty Success Story

Lego is a global icon for toys that provide innovative fun for all ages. Even as digitalization pervades every aspect of our lives, as long as people continue to treasure the joy of physical play and the bonding it brings, Lego’s business will continue to thrive. 

However, in today’s ever-evolving business landscape, customers reign supreme. More than marketing or a remarkable product, the success (or downfall) of a business hinges on customer relationships. A study by Colloquy unveiled that 54% of Filipinos want personalized offers and recommendations from loyalty programs. As this pivotal shift in customer behavior became apparent, Lego rose to embrace the challenge.

Spoiler Alert: Lego chose to create their own loyalty program! The impact? An impressive 3,280% surge in the value of their loyalty transactions within just one year of partnering with ZAP! Read on to find out how they did it.


Now Lego already has a strong connection with their customers, due to the interactive and nostalgia inducing factors of their product. But as a leading toy brand, they always strive to be the best. In this digital age, that meant aiming to engage customers on a deeper level and encourage their return visits. 

In this fast developing digital age, you need the right tool to do that. And as many studies have shown, loyalty programs are the best and most cost effective weapon in a business’ arsenal. Not only will it engage your current customers and increase retention exponentially, but it will also help solidify your brand’s image. That will then go a long way in building brand credibility and attracting new customers. 

Our main goal for implementing the ZAP program was to really boost customer retention. Through the points and member only discounts, I would say that it was a success.

– Sales and Marketing Head, LEGO Certified Store


With their primary goal of boosting customer retention and the next step forward finalized – Lego created their own loyalty program with the help of ZAP. 

Opting for a white label loyalty program provider like ZAP came with many benefits.

  1. Ensured Lego’s brand remained central to every customer interaction
  2. Gave them full control over the direction and image of their loyalty program – allowed them to personalize the experience of their customers from end to end 
  3. Less work and costs for Lego – since they didn’t have to start from scratch, all they had to do was work with ZAP to integrate their new loyalty program with their current operations. 
  4. Faster setup, happier customers – the full support of ZAP’s team ensured the quick creation and launch of their loyalty program, which customers eagerly signed up for. 

The integration itself went quite smoothly. We just had some minor customizations that took some time to implement, but overall it was quite quick and efficient. […]The customers were very happy to have the perks that came with the program.

– Sales and Marketing Head, LEGO Certified Store


The benefits of a loyalty program aren’t just qualitative – they undeniably have a positive quantitative effect on the business as well.

In Lego’s case, their loyalty program showcased astonishing results. Within the 1 year subscription that their initial investment secured, their visits skyrocketed by 3,691%, new members increased by 2,310%, and active engagement from members led to a monumental 3,280% increase in the value of their loyalty transactions.

Conclusion: The Building Blocks of Success

2023 continues to find Lego in a realm of ongoing growth. Through their ZAP-powered loyalty program, their business health flourished, marked by a 353% surge in visits and a 268% increase in new members from 2021 to 2023. A substantial 229% spike in total transactions further underscores their triumph.

Thus what started out as Lego’s goal to improve customer retention became one of their greatest strengths. Not only did it help them save costs, but it also increased their revenue tenfold whilst simultaneously strengthening their customer relationships through rewards. True to the nature of their product, Lego chose the best building blocks to create a win-win situation for everyone! 

Dive into the wealth of insights waiting for you on our user-friendly loyalty program dashboard. Lego’s triumph as a valued partner underscores the prowess of ZAP’s Loyalty Program in streamlining business operations.

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Reviving Your Brand: How Nature Republic Found Success through Customer Connection

An international makeup & skincare brand gets its own makeover! 

With the beauty industry thriving and growing locally, hundreds of brands are competing for the customer’s attention. After 10+ years in the industry, Nature Republic wanted to take the initiative to shake things up and find a way to better connect with their customers and establish themselves as the go-to brand. 


Connecting with customers can be challenging when there isn’t a clear definition of who they are. With no existing customer database, Nature Republic had to rely on transaction based data – focusing on product trends rather than customizing promotions for the customers themselves.

The lack of effective promotions coupled with weak customer relationships posed a significant weakness for Nature Republic, especially in a market where products and prices were similar across different brands.

Okay we have freebies, we have KPOP merchandise to give away to our customers, but other than that what more can we give?… It’s difficult to retain customers if all we’re giving away is samples, freebies and merchandise.


Together with ZAP, Nature Republic was able to create a customized loyalty program complete with an easily accessible customer database along with other exciting features. Nature Republic then used the data to build a profile on which they could confidently base their promotions and communications on.

Beyond mere freebies, they could now give back to customers and cultivate a more meaningful relationship to inspire loyalty. They also gained a competitive advantage with their brand new loyalty program, as the points system meant the customers would save more by repurchasing and staying with Nature Republic. 

Nature Republic was also able to use the other features of the loyalty program to improve different aspects of their business. Some examples of their most used features include: 

Branch Rankings:

The live data provided gave the team a fast and easy way to check on the health of their different branches 

SMS Blast:

Allowed Nature Republic to fully personalize their communications, further solidifying the image of their brand in the mind of their customers

Customer Database

Was a big help to refine their marketing strategies and build/update their consumer profile


Today, Nature Republic confidently holds its ground as a leading brand – even amidst the growing competition. With an easily accessible and updated dashboard, their team is able to swiftly identify weaknesses and craft effective promotions to address them. The improved visibility on branch health has allowed them to become more agile and responsive with their marketing strategies, quickly adjusting to help low performing stores and able to promote the right products at the right time. Creating communications has become a breeze for the team as well, thanks to the valuable customer and market insights at their fingertips.

With Nature Republic becoming more active, they saw a jump in transactions and customer loyalty. Since they partnered with ZAP, customer visits had increased by 109% and transaction amount had increased by 149%*. More customers were now interacting with their promos and even taking the initiative to reach out to them to learn more about the brand and any campaigns they were running. The ultimate success lies in their loyal customers becoming brand advocates, enthusiastically inviting others to experience the many benefits Nature Republic had to offer.


By building personalized connections, Nature Republic turned customers into loyal customers, and loyal customers into brand advocates. In a market where loyalty can make or break a business, Nature Republic now thrives. With their newfound flexibility they have found the confidence to explore and execute bigger campaigns that are more in line with both the brand and the customer’s interests. 

To learn more about ZAP and how a fully branded and customized loyalty program can change your business for the better, reach out to us today!

Vito’s BBQ : From Home to Successful Business

Vito’s BBQ is commonly called the Pambansang BBQ! They started as a home-grown family business with just the intention to send their BBQ to their family members and other relatives during the pandemic to show their concern and care for their loved ones. Who would have thought that it could lead to where they are right now? Here’s their success story! Read on.

What’s The Story Behind Vito’s BBQ Branding: 

Ms. Karlene Pelayo, the owner of Vito’s BBQ shared their story via our Zoom Interview on Online Selling: Tips from the Experts.  She shared their beginnings and their transition from being a home business to now having 7 successful branches: The Alley Acropolis QC, Ronac Art Center, San Juan, Chino Roces, Makati, BF Aguirre Paranaque, Greenhills, Banawe QC, SM North Edsa and with more branches to soon open! 

Vito’s BBQ was named after their son Vito who was 5 years old then , when they decided to take a chance on their business venture. They wanted their product to be fun and relatable to the millennials and that translated to their use of colors in their packaging and overall branding. Every detail including the artworks we see in their branches, the graffiti look in their stalls, and artwork doodles in their branding is inspired to their son Vito’s favorite toys! To the mass- it’s fun, new, and exciting!  Ms. Karlene shared that they wanted Vito’s BBQ to be different in the Food Industry here in the PH- which is why they decided  to go this kind of route of creativity. They have shown how to adapt to the changes given the Pandemic and stayed guided with their principle and core belief of their brand.

Growing and Scaling 

Vito’s BBQ was known because of the quality of the taste of their boneless chicken BBQ which started as a gift and now continues on as a gift product from families to other families in any occasion. Ms. Karlene Pelayo shared during the interview “ For your business to scale- you must earn trust. That’s the way you can scale and grow, when people trust your product and service.” She even shared that selling online with the help of ZAP  helped her business grow. It’s about being open and adaptive to changes in how one offers a service/ product to the mass. “ZAP helped set up our online operation that gave us the ability to focus on our food and made our process so much easier.” – Ms. Karlene shared in the interview.  Businesses scale because of the quality of one’s service/ product.

Your Food Industry with ZAP 

Vito’s BBQ has been a merchant partner working with ZAP to continuously grow to be successful in the Food Industry. One of Ms. Karlene’s favorite features of ZAP’s E-Store is the real time update for order because it’s easy to follow up and update your store’s products and customer orders! It makes every process in the food industry seamless and effective for generating sales and growing your business! 

Having an E-Store for your business allows you to build a personality of your brand and help you be connected to your customers. It’s a platform that will help you be proud of what you will offer! An easy transaction for your customers and your business. What’s Vito’s BBQ now? Better! “People are curious and they always want to know and try new things.” – Ms Karlene. Vito’s BBQ is an example of something that’s new in the Philippines Food Industry! That uniqueness and drive to be creative with your branding will reflect on how your business will go about and thrive. Right now they are collaborating with other companies to be more accessible in Metro Manila and maybe Nationwide! They’re also offering franchising which you can visit in their E-Store. Want to start your own successful online business? Work with us.

The Success Behind Jipan’s E-store: The Artisanal Japanese Cuisine

Every company knows that the F&B Industry is very competitive, fast-paced, and busy. One needs grit, passion, and the right attitude to be able to thrive and think on their feet to make their business run long-term. Jipan is known as the home of artisanal Japanese Cuisine. Famous for its deliciously baked pastries and well-loved goodies, it’s no mystery that it’s part of what brought success to their name in the business. Read further to learn more! 

Jipan’s Beginnings:  

Steph Brimo, the owner of the sensational Jipan- has over a decade of experience in the Food and Beverage Industry. Her passion in her business led her to step up their marketing efforts especially during the pandemic. She partnered with ZAP to set up their online store for Jipan in hopes that it will help their business cater to customers who wanted to purchase without them leaving their homes due to the current situation brought by the pandemic. She saw great potential in the seamless transactions they could offer to her customers with ZAP. In 2021, Jipan gained a 66% increase in their total sales by opening an additional sales channel to cater to more customers in their E-store! 

Creative Marketing Strategies:

In a webinar called November Holiday Season Sales, Steph Brimo shared that when Jipan’s e-store was created they began making their marketing strategies more creative in order to engage customers and reel them in through activities like online shopping “It helped spread the word of our brand and help customers buy bread without having to go to the store.” She shared. Strategizing production, ingredients, testing, thinking of items that are “stay at home” themed and DIY packaging for gifting it are just some of the things that they thought to incorporate with their products. In order to communicate better with their customers, Jipan, along with ZAP Team’s services utilizes Shopify’s email blast and sms blast, tailoring it to their offers to the customers.  

Customer- Centric

Jipan also shared that they are continuously building relationships with customers with their products and services through being active online with their pages and website. Flyers with a code directing customers to their estore are also included in all their packaging in-store,  so that their customers will be reminded about their estore.

Jipan with ZAP E-store

Jipan along with more than 2,000 merchants have trusted the ZAP Team to help them thrive and set up their online success by offering e-store platforms , ZAP Fetch, and Loyalty Programs to make the best out of their marketing efforts. ZAP will equip you to accept, fulfill, and deliver orders to customers with ease with your very own branded eCommerce website. Give customers an easy-to-use online ordering platform for instant or scheduled pick up or delivery. Interested? Contact us

Strong and Independent: The Women Behind Your Favorite Brands

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

March colored purple. In celebration of International Women’s Day held every March 8, we saw our screens and streets dyed in varying shades of violet and purple. This is a global movement, one that has been championed by the United Nations and various countries around the world since 1975. But to honor the achievements of women from all walks of life, it takes more than just 24 hours. So throughout the month of March, we take the time to celebrate women’s achievements in every field – from science to the academe and even in the culinary world. 

There are enough females in the culinary industry to fill a whole book with names but here we showcase the women at the helm of some of our favorite foodie spots: 



Summer is fast approaching. You can literally feel it in the air. As Filipinos, there’s nothing that screams summer more than a bowl of shaved ice immersed in milk and some mais or langka with our favorite home-grown ube ice cream. This is Iceberg’s at its essence – the nostalgia of a hot Philippine summer brought to the table.



Yao’s Kitchen is all about Chinoy comfort food. The Filipino palette is fascinating, and when we say comfort food it could be just about anything. But Sundays spent ordering dimsum from the fast-moving carts around the restaurant or battling cousins around the lazy susan for the first spoonful of steaming hot Yang Chow Fried Rice is another kind of comfort altogether.  



King Chef believes that the customer is King… or Queen. This is not only a restaurant, but a royal dining room, where the food is created to suit each person’s individuality. From creative spins on traditional dimsum platters to to full-on party sets and even frozen options to keep in your freezers for a rainy day, King Chef aims to bring the royal treatment right to the doorstep. 



Raise your hand if you’ve never craved some Japanese goodies. No one? It’s because, at one time or another, we’ve all marveled at the goodness of Japanese breads and pastries. This is what Jipan is most known for – a home for artisanal Japanese cuisine. From delectable loaves to sumptuous dishes, Jipan is dedicated to bringing creative and delicious food to their customers.



Take Root has only three rules: Junk-Free, Plant-Based, and Addicting. This forward-looking shop is led by not one but two phenomenal ladies. Their goal is to bring wellness to the households of their customers and “let the good habits take root.” In the time of overwork, fatigue, and burnout we’re all in great need of a change in lifestyle and mentality. Take Root will support you every step of the way. 

Who knew so much of our comfort foods were being brought to us by phenomenal women? It’s true what they say: Behind every great brand is an even greater woman. The Zap e-store hopes to bring these experiences straight to you, so you’ll never have to crave for another halo-halo or kale chips or dimsum platter ever again. In working with Zap, these five women have also been able to amplify and enhance their brands for you, their valued customer.

Building Your Community of Customers

How creating a community of customers helps your business

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

Whether you’re a business owner or a customer in the Philippines, you will have heard the term “suki” at least once in your life. Translated, a “suki” is what those in the business world often call a repeat customer. These are the groups and individuals who swear by a brand or product and will, as the name suggests, come back for more. Repeat customers are more likely to repurchase a particular product or even venture further into what a business has to offer because of the existing rapport that has been established between brand and customer.  

Such customers come in all shapes and sizes and each individual will have their own reasons for staying loyal to a brand or product. Whether their loyalty is due to product satisfaction or even sentimental reasons, these people are essential to the growth and success of any business. They are also most likely to promote the brand to their own circles and communities on their own account, which allows the brand’s following to grow with minimal effort or expense in advertising and marketing. 

Creating the community

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

But how can you turn your one-time customers into repeat customers? There are many ways, and we’ve summarised some best business practices that might help you turn your next customer into your next “suki.” 

  1. Keep the conversation going. One example of keeping in touch with your customers is through SMS marketing. In this day of Ecommerce websites and online shopping platforms, establishing a relationship with your customers may seem more complicated. You may think that the lack of person-to-person contact is a hindrance to community creation, but it’s not! Using SMS gives businesses a direct and personal line to their market, allowing them to offer and remind people of ongoing promotions or even informing them of new products available.
  1. Reward loyalty. There are many variations of how loyalty to a brand can be rewarded. Some of them are through loyalty cards that allow customers to accumulate points in exchange for their in-person or online purchases. Others have more elaborate customer loyalty programs that offer a whole catalogue of rewards. Whatever program a business chooses, it’s important that the customer feels their loyalty is being appreciated. 
  1. Build a database. An added benefit of the ever-growing Ecommerce platform is the ease of creating a hub of customer profiles. Because their purchases are done online, a business gets invaluable information on who their customers are and what they’re buying. That way, you can easily craft marketing campaigns or even new products with the needs and wants of your customers at the forefront. What better way to make sure they come back for more! 

How can ZAP help? 

Zap’s loyalty program, available both for physical and e-commerce stores, can be adapted to the needs of any business. Through this tool, you can collect data on your customers and create targeted SMS campaigns just for them. Customers simply have to register through whichever option is most convenient to them – by entering their mobile number via the in-store merchant tablet or by purchasing on the Zap E-Store platform. 

Other than that, Zap also offers various automations to complement its SMS blast system – from time-based automations to customized or targeted texts, this ensures that a company is able to stay in touch with its clientele, thus increasing its chances of creating a community of repeat customers. 

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Once a member is registered, their information becomes key to a brand or business’s engagement with them. The more we know about our community, the better we can serve their needs. It’s really that simple! 

One of Zap’s partner companies – Nature Republic – a Korean skincare brand that’s all the rage in many parts of Asia and beyond, makes use of Zap’s many loyalty program features to engage with their clients. Through the data collected by Zap, Nature Republic is able to offer its customers specific rewards, such as birthday coupons, and promotions that are specifically targeted to their needs, such as skin care products for varying skin types.
Ready to take the next step in building your business’s community? Check out for physical stores and for Ecommerce platforms for more information on how you can partner with Zap!