PTT’s Road to Recognition: Navigating the Filipino Market

In their quest to further expand in Southeast Asia, Thai conglomerate PTT set their sights on conquering the Filipino market. But such a task is easier said than done. With 26 years of local experience through PTT Gas Stations and Cafe Amazon, PTT has learned that it’s no mean feat to both acquire and retain customers in Philippines’ ever-dynamic landscape. And so, even a multinational powerhouse like PTT needed a special strategy to change the game.

The CHALLENGE: RECOGNITION in the Filipino Market

Overcoming well-established competitors (like Shell, Petron, and Chevron) are the main hurdle for multinational companies seeking to enter or make an impact in the local market. Quality wise, PTT was confident that their products could compete against the Big 3. However, that meant nothing if the lack of brand awareness meant that customers barely even knew about them. Additionally, price considerations also heavily influenced patronage at gas stations. Both of which proved to be pain points for PTT as they continued to strive for local recognition. 

The Recipe for Success: PTT’s Loyalty Strategy

In an effort to hit two birds with one stone, and with encouragement from a trusted colleague, PTT partnered with ZAP to create their very own loyalty program. This not only elevated brand awareness and customer engagement, but also provided a competitive edge through better prices and rewards for loyal patrons.

However, as is often the case with big businesses, introducing new processes can often be tricky, due to the scale of operations and the sheer number of people involved. The franchisee status of a couple of PTT’s branches also provided an extra challenge – but the ZAP team’s warm support and dedication ensured that any challenges that arose were swiftly addressed and resolved.

The Result: Achieving Brand Awareness

The introduction of a loyalty program became the game-changer that PTT was looking for. ZAP’s comprehensive training and provided materials empowered them to effectively promote their loyalty program, leading to some branches experiencing a sudden spike in customer visits and transactions. The overwhelmingly warm reception that some branches received led to a 200% increase in customer visits and 65,754% increase in points redeemed after just their second month of operations, proving that customers were eager to engage with the program. 

Internally, PTT also enjoyed an unexpected bonus—the ability to monitor branch performance in real-time. With their decentralized operations, live data was often hard to acquire. Thanks to the loyalty program though, they now had immediate access to loyalty transaction statistics, giving them a quick and easy way to gauge their overall performance anytime they want.

Some stations (dealers) had such a good reception to the program that they would be the ones to take initiative and ask us about updates regarding the loyalty cards and system. 

– Jonah Angeles, Corporate Communications Manager

Onward and Upward: PTT’s Vision for the Filipino Market

Now that PTT has secured its position in the market and continues to grow, they’re setting their sights on becoming a household name in the Philippines, much like they are in Thailand. Their successful loyalty card in Thailand, known as the ‘Blue Card,’ was one of their greatest assets, encouraging customers to support their various brands as they continued to diversify their business. Perhaps we can look forward to them extending these benefits to the Philippines, and further solidifying their place in the local market! 

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