The Success Behind Jipan’s E-store: The Artisanal Japanese Cuisine

Sep 15, 2022 Business, Success Stories

Every company knows that the F&B Industry is very competitive, fast-paced, and busy. One needs grit, passion, and the right attitude to be able to thrive and think on their feet to make their business run long-term. Jipan is known as the home of artisanal Japanese Cuisine. Famous for its deliciously baked pastries and well-loved goodies, it’s no mystery that it’s part of what brought success to their name in the business. Read further to learn more! 

Jipan’s Beginnings:  

Steph Brimo, the owner of the sensational Jipan- has over a decade of experience in the Food and Beverage Industry. Her passion in her business led her to step up their marketing efforts especially during the pandemic. She partnered with ZAP to set up their online store for Jipan in hopes that it will help their business cater to customers who wanted to purchase without them leaving their homes due to the current situation brought by the pandemic. She saw great potential in the seamless transactions they could offer to her customers with ZAP. In 2021, Jipan gained a 66% increase in their total sales by opening an additional sales channel to cater to more customers in their E-store! 

Creative Marketing Strategies:

In a webinar called November Holiday Season Sales, Steph Brimo shared that when Jipan’s e-store was created they began making their marketing strategies more creative in order to engage customers and reel them in through activities like online shopping “It helped spread the word of our brand and help customers buy bread without having to go to the store.” She shared. Strategizing production, ingredients, testing, thinking of items that are “stay at home” themed and DIY packaging for gifting it are just some of the things that they thought to incorporate with their products. In order to communicate better with their customers, Jipan, along with ZAP Team’s services utilizes Shopify’s email blast and sms blast, tailoring it to their offers to the customers.  

Customer- Centric

Jipan also shared that they are continuously building relationships with customers with their products and services through being active online with their pages and website. Flyers with a code directing customers to their estore are also included in all their packaging in-store,  so that their customers will be reminded about their estore.

Jipan with ZAP E-store

Jipan along with more than 2,000 merchants have trusted the ZAP Team to help them thrive and set up their online success by offering e-store platforms , ZAP Fetch, and Loyalty Programs to make the best out of their marketing efforts. ZAP will equip you to accept, fulfill, and deliver orders to customers with ease with your very own branded eCommerce website. Give customers an easy-to-use online ordering platform for instant or scheduled pick up or delivery. Interested? Contact us

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