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Finding Success in Growing with Our Partner Merchants

Which ZAP Product is the Best for You?

5 Best Tips SMEs Can Learn from ZAP

ZAP Reservations: ZAP’s Newest Product That Will Streamline Restaurant Operations

  1. Select “Reserve a table” on the restaurant’s website

  2. Fill in the reservation details (i.e., date, time of reservation) and contact information

  3. Get confirmation via email

  4. Reconfirm slot via email
  1. Easy Access: Login from any compatible device to dive into the ZAP Reservations platform.

  2. Real-Time Insights: Keep your finger on the pulse with live updates on table availability across all your branches.

  3. Effortless Reservations: Customers can book tables seamlessly through the intuitive interface. They can adjust the number of guests, reservation times, and other details.

  4. Personalized Notifications: Keep your customers in the loop with personalized updates confirming their reservation status and table readiness.

  5. Manage Bookings: Restaurant staff can easily manage bookings via the comprehensive dashboard. This includes optimizing seating capacity and ensuring smooth operations.

  6. Customize Branch Settings: Tailor reservation settings for each branch, including availability, timeslots, and capacity, to meet specific needs.

  7. Update Bookings On-The-Go: Staff can manage bookings from any device, ensuring efficient in-store operations and exceptional service delivery.

  8. Real-Time Tracking: Utilize the app’s real-time tracking feature to sort reservations by date, time, or status, optimizing workflow and operational strategy.

How ZAP Loyalty Helped These Companies Grow

Did You Know You Save 10% Cashback When You Sign Up On ZAP’s Loyalty Program?

Charting The Course: Check Out Everything ZAP Has Planned For The Future!

Why ZAP Is the Best Loyalty Program for Your Business

  • Fully Branded Program: Your brand takes center stage, with ZAP handling everything behind the scenes.
  • Customizable Mechanics: Flexible points program based on customer spend or customer visits. 
  • Customer Database: ZAP provides an easy way to know your customers’ gender, birthday, city, spending, and behavior data. 
  • Real-Time Analytics: See everything as it happens in your online dashboard 
  • Multi-tiered Membership: Create different levels for your VIPs and give them special perks. 
  • Digital Coupons: Launch unlimited digital coupons for your customers.
  • Customer Top-Up: Allow customers to fund their accounts with prepaid top-ups. 
  • Birthday Promotions: Delight members and get them to visit you on their birthday. 
  • Automated Non-Visit Reminders: ZAP automatically reminds non-returning customers to come back and track returns.
  • SMS Broadcast Tool: Reach out to all your members through SMS.
  • On-Field Engagement: Bring your loyalty program to events, pop-up stores, and deliveries.
  • SKU Tracking: Identify what each customer purchased. 
  • Import Current Members
  • Integration with App, Website, and POS: Integrate your in-store loyalty program with your website or app. You can also integrate with any Windows POS at zero cost from your POS provider. 
  • Account Management Support: Premium support includes in-store setup, training, and marketing assistance. 

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