Vito’s BBQ : From Home to Successful Business

Nov 11, 2022 Business, Success Stories

Vito’s BBQ is commonly called the Pambansang BBQ! They started as a home-grown family business with just the intention to send their BBQ to their family members and other relatives during the pandemic to show their concern and care for their loved ones. Who would have thought that it could lead to where they are right now? Here’s their success story! Read on.

What’s The Story Behind Vito’s BBQ Branding: 

Ms. Karlene Pelayo, the owner of Vito’s BBQ shared their story via our Zoom Interview on Online Selling: Tips from the Experts.  She shared their beginnings and their transition from being a home business to now having 7 successful branches: The Alley Acropolis QC, Ronac Art Center, San Juan, Chino Roces, Makati, BF Aguirre Paranaque, Greenhills, Banawe QC, SM North Edsa and with more branches to soon open! 

Vito’s BBQ was named after their son Vito who was 5 years old then , when they decided to take a chance on their business venture. They wanted their product to be fun and relatable to the millennials and that translated to their use of colors in their packaging and overall branding. Every detail including the artworks we see in their branches, the graffiti look in their stalls, and artwork doodles in their branding is inspired to their son Vito’s favorite toys! To the mass- it’s fun, new, and exciting!  Ms. Karlene shared that they wanted Vito’s BBQ to be different in the Food Industry here in the PH- which is why they decided  to go this kind of route of creativity. They have shown how to adapt to the changes given the Pandemic and stayed guided with their principle and core belief of their brand.

Growing and Scaling 

Vito’s BBQ was known because of the quality of the taste of their boneless chicken BBQ which started as a gift and now continues on as a gift product from families to other families in any occasion. Ms. Karlene Pelayo shared during the interview “ For your business to scale- you must earn trust. That’s the way you can scale and grow, when people trust your product and service.” She even shared that selling online with the help of ZAP  helped her business grow. It’s about being open and adaptive to changes in how one offers a service/ product to the mass. “ZAP helped set up our online operation that gave us the ability to focus on our food and made our process so much easier.” – Ms. Karlene shared in the interview.  Businesses scale because of the quality of one’s service/ product.

Your Food Industry with ZAP 

Vito’s BBQ has been a merchant partner working with ZAP to continuously grow to be successful in the Food Industry. One of Ms. Karlene’s favorite features of ZAP’s E-Store is the real time update for order because it’s easy to follow up and update your store’s products and customer orders! It makes every process in the food industry seamless and effective for generating sales and growing your business! 

Having an E-Store for your business allows you to build a personality of your brand and help you be connected to your customers. It’s a platform that will help you be proud of what you will offer! An easy transaction for your customers and your business. What’s Vito’s BBQ now? Better! “People are curious and they always want to know and try new things.” – Ms Karlene. Vito’s BBQ is an example of something that’s new in the Philippines Food Industry! That uniqueness and drive to be creative with your branding will reflect on how your business will go about and thrive. Right now they are collaborating with other companies to be more accessible in Metro Manila and maybe Nationwide! They’re also offering franchising which you can visit in their E-Store. Want to start your own successful online business? Work with us.

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