Customer First: Kamiseta’s Journey of Excellence

“Luxury made affordable.” This is the impactful main tagline of Kamiseta, a well-loved brand whose sole purpose is to address the wellbeing of the total woman. Driven by a passion for enhancing beauty both inside and out, Kamiseta evolved from fashion to embracing skincare too. Despite being a relatively new player in the beauty clinic industry, they defied the odds by opening two branches in their first year alone. And today, after six years of unwavering commitment to quality service, they proudly boast five thriving locations – with more on the way!

To make a person feel better about themselves, not only with the clothes they wear but of course being more confident about their skin, about their beauty, as far as the face and body is concerned.

– Jojo Jose, Kamiseta

Goal: Reignite, Reward and Reconnect 

As other businesses that relied on F2F interactions to operate may have experienced, resuming services post-pandemic proved to be a struggle. Luckily, their steadfast customer base gave them some stability that allowed them to take the time to recover. Acknowledging that their loyal patrons were experiencing similar stresses in their own lives, they set out to create a special initiative that would mutually benefit both their business and their loyal customers.

Solution: The Power of a White Label Loyalty Program 

Enter ZAP Loyalty Solution. As recommended by a trusted friend, they decided that a white label loyalty program could be the very thing they were looking for. Their hopes for the loyalty program were three-fold: (1) to simply reward their customers, (2) to set themselves apart from the increasing competition and (3) to inspire customers to become active advocates and encourage others to try Kamiseta. 

With the help of ZAP’s dedicated support team, Kamiseta found the process of integrating the loyalty program with their current operations relatively smooth & simple. Documents, setup, installation, and training were expertly guided by ZAP, enabling Kamiseta to launch the program in just two weeks!

With its simple interface, the loyalty program made it effortless for both staff and customers to understand and engage. Since Kamiseta’s goal was to primarily reward their loyal customers, the loyalty program required little to no effort on their end to maintain or operate. 

[ZAP’s] system and processes are pretty simple, and easy. And it was a fit to our way of doing things. In spite of the fact that [our staff] are not really techy people, it was not that difficult for them to learn how to use it.

– Jojo Jose, Kamiseta

Result: Providing a Quality Customer Experience 

The outcome? Kamiseta achieved every goal they set for their loyalty program. Customers were loyal to their brand despite the increasing competition and profits were positively affected, even loyalty transaction amounts showed a tremendous improvement of a 178.95% increase. Customers also proved to be less reserved when spending (as they knew the program would reward them in one way or another) with the average transaction amount increasing by 38.11% (from their first to most recent year). The brand’s customer base also continued to grow with a 47.58% increase in new members. 

As a luxury beauty brand with high standards of service and customer-centric values, a loyalty program was the perfect solution. Operating seamlessly in the background, it allowed Kamiseta to consistently delight customers, reinforcing the brand’s legacy of exceptional care and service.

Kamiseta’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of loyalty, bringing their ‘Luxury made affordable’ mantra to life in a way that continues to captivate, reward and grow their clientele to this day.

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