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From Inception to Excellence: Read about ZAP’s 11-Year-Long Journey

PTT’s Road to Recognition: Navigating the Filipino Market

In their quest to further expand in Southeast Asia, Thai conglomerate PTT set their sights on conquering the Filipino market. But such a task is easier said than done. With 26 years of local experience through PTT Gas Stations and Cafe Amazon, PTT has learned that it’s no mean feat to both acquire and retain customers in Philippines’ ever-dynamic landscape. And so, even a multinational powerhouse like PTT needed a special strategy to change the game.

The CHALLENGE: RECOGNITION in the Filipino Market

Overcoming well-established competitors (like Shell, Petron, and Chevron) are the main hurdle for multinational companies seeking to enter or make an impact in the local market. Quality wise, PTT was confident that their products could compete against the Big 3. However, that meant nothing if the lack of brand awareness meant that customers barely even knew about them. Additionally, price considerations also heavily influenced patronage at gas stations. Both of which proved to be pain points for PTT as they continued to strive for local recognition. 

The Recipe for Success: PTT’s Loyalty Strategy

In an effort to hit two birds with one stone, and with encouragement from a trusted colleague, PTT partnered with ZAP to create their very own loyalty program. This not only elevated brand awareness and customer engagement, but also provided a competitive edge through better prices and rewards for loyal patrons.

However, as is often the case with big businesses, introducing new processes can often be tricky, due to the scale of operations and the sheer number of people involved. The franchisee status of a couple of PTT’s branches also provided an extra challenge – but the ZAP team’s warm support and dedication ensured that any challenges that arose were swiftly addressed and resolved.

The Result: Achieving Brand Awareness

The introduction of a loyalty program became the game-changer that PTT was looking for. ZAP’s comprehensive training and provided materials empowered them to effectively promote their loyalty program, leading to some branches experiencing a sudden spike in customer visits and transactions. The overwhelmingly warm reception that some branches received led to a 200% increase in customer visits and 65,754% increase in points redeemed after just their second month of operations, proving that customers were eager to engage with the program. 

Internally, PTT also enjoyed an unexpected bonus—the ability to monitor branch performance in real-time. With their decentralized operations, live data was often hard to acquire. Thanks to the loyalty program though, they now had immediate access to loyalty transaction statistics, giving them a quick and easy way to gauge their overall performance anytime they want.

Some stations (dealers) had such a good reception to the program that they would be the ones to take initiative and ask us about updates regarding the loyalty cards and system. 

– Jonah Angeles, Corporate Communications Manager

Onward and Upward: PTT’s Vision for the Filipino Market

Now that PTT has secured its position in the market and continues to grow, they’re setting their sights on becoming a household name in the Philippines, much like they are in Thailand. Their successful loyalty card in Thailand, known as the ‘Blue Card,’ was one of their greatest assets, encouraging customers to support their various brands as they continued to diversify their business. Perhaps we can look forward to them extending these benefits to the Philippines, and further solidifying their place in the local market! 

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Customer First: Kamiseta’s Journey of Excellence

“Luxury made affordable.” This is the impactful main tagline of Kamiseta, a well-loved brand whose sole purpose is to address the wellbeing of the total woman. Driven by a passion for enhancing beauty both inside and out, Kamiseta evolved from fashion to embracing skincare too. Despite being a relatively new player in the beauty clinic industry, they defied the odds by opening two branches in their first year alone. And today, after six years of unwavering commitment to quality service, they proudly boast five thriving locations – with more on the way!

To make a person feel better about themselves, not only with the clothes they wear but of course being more confident about their skin, about their beauty, as far as the face and body is concerned.

– Jojo Jose, Kamiseta

Goal: Reignite, Reward and Reconnect 

As other businesses that relied on F2F interactions to operate may have experienced, resuming services post-pandemic proved to be a struggle. Luckily, their steadfast customer base gave them some stability that allowed them to take the time to recover. Acknowledging that their loyal patrons were experiencing similar stresses in their own lives, they set out to create a special initiative that would mutually benefit both their business and their loyal customers.

Solution: The Power of a White Label Loyalty Program 

Enter ZAP Loyalty Solution. As recommended by a trusted friend, they decided that a white label loyalty program could be the very thing they were looking for. Their hopes for the loyalty program were three-fold: (1) to simply reward their customers, (2) to set themselves apart from the increasing competition and (3) to inspire customers to become active advocates and encourage others to try Kamiseta. 

With the help of ZAP’s dedicated support team, Kamiseta found the process of integrating the loyalty program with their current operations relatively smooth & simple. Documents, setup, installation, and training were expertly guided by ZAP, enabling Kamiseta to launch the program in just two weeks!

With its simple interface, the loyalty program made it effortless for both staff and customers to understand and engage. Since Kamiseta’s goal was to primarily reward their loyal customers, the loyalty program required little to no effort on their end to maintain or operate. 

[ZAP’s] system and processes are pretty simple, and easy. And it was a fit to our way of doing things. In spite of the fact that [our staff] are not really techy people, it was not that difficult for them to learn how to use it.

– Jojo Jose, Kamiseta

Result: Providing a Quality Customer Experience 

The outcome? Kamiseta achieved every goal they set for their loyalty program. Customers were loyal to their brand despite the increasing competition and profits were positively affected, even loyalty transaction amounts showed a tremendous improvement of a 178.95% increase. Customers also proved to be less reserved when spending (as they knew the program would reward them in one way or another) with the average transaction amount increasing by 38.11% (from their first to most recent year). The brand’s customer base also continued to grow with a 47.58% increase in new members. 

As a luxury beauty brand with high standards of service and customer-centric values, a loyalty program was the perfect solution. Operating seamlessly in the background, it allowed Kamiseta to consistently delight customers, reinforcing the brand’s legacy of exceptional care and service.

Kamiseta’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of loyalty, bringing their ‘Luxury made affordable’ mantra to life in a way that continues to captivate, reward and grow their clientele to this day.

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Brick by Brick: Lego’s Loyalty Success Story

Lego is a global icon for toys that provide innovative fun for all ages. Even as digitalization pervades every aspect of our lives, as long as people continue to treasure the joy of physical play and the bonding it brings, Lego’s business will continue to thrive. 

However, in today’s ever-evolving business landscape, customers reign supreme. More than marketing or a remarkable product, the success (or downfall) of a business hinges on customer relationships. A study by Colloquy unveiled that 54% of Filipinos want personalized offers and recommendations from loyalty programs. As this pivotal shift in customer behavior became apparent, Lego rose to embrace the challenge.

Spoiler Alert: Lego chose to create their own loyalty program! The impact? An impressive 3,280% surge in the value of their loyalty transactions within just one year of partnering with ZAP! Read on to find out how they did it.


Now Lego already has a strong connection with their customers, due to the interactive and nostalgia inducing factors of their product. But as a leading toy brand, they always strive to be the best. In this digital age, that meant aiming to engage customers on a deeper level and encourage their return visits. 

In this fast developing digital age, you need the right tool to do that. And as many studies have shown, loyalty programs are the best and most cost effective weapon in a business’ arsenal. Not only will it engage your current customers and increase retention exponentially, but it will also help solidify your brand’s image. That will then go a long way in building brand credibility and attracting new customers. 

Our main goal for implementing the ZAP program was to really boost customer retention. Through the points and member only discounts, I would say that it was a success.

– Sales and Marketing Head, LEGO Certified Store


With their primary goal of boosting customer retention and the next step forward finalized – Lego created their own loyalty program with the help of ZAP. 

Opting for a white label loyalty program provider like ZAP came with many benefits.

  1. Ensured Lego’s brand remained central to every customer interaction
  2. Gave them full control over the direction and image of their loyalty program – allowed them to personalize the experience of their customers from end to end 
  3. Less work and costs for Lego – since they didn’t have to start from scratch, all they had to do was work with ZAP to integrate their new loyalty program with their current operations. 
  4. Faster setup, happier customers – the full support of ZAP’s team ensured the quick creation and launch of their loyalty program, which customers eagerly signed up for. 

The integration itself went quite smoothly. We just had some minor customizations that took some time to implement, but overall it was quite quick and efficient. […]The customers were very happy to have the perks that came with the program.

– Sales and Marketing Head, LEGO Certified Store


The benefits of a loyalty program aren’t just qualitative – they undeniably have a positive quantitative effect on the business as well.

In Lego’s case, their loyalty program showcased astonishing results. Within the 1 year subscription that their initial investment secured, their visits skyrocketed by 3,691%, new members increased by 2,310%, and active engagement from members led to a monumental 3,280% increase in the value of their loyalty transactions.

Conclusion: The Building Blocks of Success

2023 continues to find Lego in a realm of ongoing growth. Through their ZAP-powered loyalty program, their business health flourished, marked by a 353% surge in visits and a 268% increase in new members from 2021 to 2023. A substantial 229% spike in total transactions further underscores their triumph.

Thus what started out as Lego’s goal to improve customer retention became one of their greatest strengths. Not only did it help them save costs, but it also increased their revenue tenfold whilst simultaneously strengthening their customer relationships through rewards. True to the nature of their product, Lego chose the best building blocks to create a win-win situation for everyone! 

Dive into the wealth of insights waiting for you on our user-friendly loyalty program dashboard. Lego’s triumph as a valued partner underscores the prowess of ZAP’s Loyalty Program in streamlining business operations.

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Reviving Your Brand: How Nature Republic Found Success through Customer Connection

An international makeup & skincare brand gets its own makeover! 

With the beauty industry thriving and growing locally, hundreds of brands are competing for the customer’s attention. After 10+ years in the industry, Nature Republic wanted to take the initiative to shake things up and find a way to better connect with their customers and establish themselves as the go-to brand. 


Connecting with customers can be challenging when there isn’t a clear definition of who they are. With no existing customer database, Nature Republic had to rely on transaction based data – focusing on product trends rather than customizing promotions for the customers themselves.

The lack of effective promotions coupled with weak customer relationships posed a significant weakness for Nature Republic, especially in a market where products and prices were similar across different brands.

Okay we have freebies, we have KPOP merchandise to give away to our customers, but other than that what more can we give?… It’s difficult to retain customers if all we’re giving away is samples, freebies and merchandise.


Together with ZAP, Nature Republic was able to create a customized loyalty program complete with an easily accessible customer database along with other exciting features. Nature Republic then used the data to build a profile on which they could confidently base their promotions and communications on.

Beyond mere freebies, they could now give back to customers and cultivate a more meaningful relationship to inspire loyalty. They also gained a competitive advantage with their brand new loyalty program, as the points system meant the customers would save more by repurchasing and staying with Nature Republic. 

Nature Republic was also able to use the other features of the loyalty program to improve different aspects of their business. Some examples of their most used features include: 

Branch Rankings:

The live data provided gave the team a fast and easy way to check on the health of their different branches 

SMS Blast:

Allowed Nature Republic to fully personalize their communications, further solidifying the image of their brand in the mind of their customers

Customer Database

Was a big help to refine their marketing strategies and build/update their consumer profile


Today, Nature Republic confidently holds its ground as a leading brand – even amidst the growing competition. With an easily accessible and updated dashboard, their team is able to swiftly identify weaknesses and craft effective promotions to address them. The improved visibility on branch health has allowed them to become more agile and responsive with their marketing strategies, quickly adjusting to help low performing stores and able to promote the right products at the right time. Creating communications has become a breeze for the team as well, thanks to the valuable customer and market insights at their fingertips.

With Nature Republic becoming more active, they saw a jump in transactions and customer loyalty. Since they partnered with ZAP, customer visits had increased by 109% and transaction amount had increased by 149%*. More customers were now interacting with their promos and even taking the initiative to reach out to them to learn more about the brand and any campaigns they were running. The ultimate success lies in their loyal customers becoming brand advocates, enthusiastically inviting others to experience the many benefits Nature Republic had to offer.


By building personalized connections, Nature Republic turned customers into loyal customers, and loyal customers into brand advocates. In a market where loyalty can make or break a business, Nature Republic now thrives. With their newfound flexibility they have found the confidence to explore and execute bigger campaigns that are more in line with both the brand and the customer’s interests. 

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Latest Business Trends this 2023!

Living in a world where the only thing constant is change, staying relevant is crucial. 

But with the fluctuating market landscape continuing to change, entrepreneurs must be able to keep up with the trend. Take a look at some of the latest news and trends in businesses this 2023 and check what you could apply to your business!

 1. The Pace of Digital Change

 It seems as though every day we are welcomed by new innovations and advancements that offer us a much more efficient way to various processes that have the power to drastically change our way of living. As we get to understand how this change is becoming more prevalent, businesses need to step up and start integrating the right technology into their business processes.

 2. A Demand for Corporate Social Responsibility

As the effects of climate change become more evident, people are now demanding action from businesses to do more than just pass the responsibility of recycling to consumers. As this demand grows, businesses are under increasing pressure to produce environmentally conscious products, and business owners who are able to meet this demand are seeing significant support and returns.

For businesses that are able to embrace sustainability and prioritize the planet alongside profit, the opportunities for growth and success seem to be leaning toward a positive light. 

3. A More Interactive Customer Experience 

Customers crave experience but it doesn’t mean sacrificing good value and high standards. Both contribute in some way to the satisfaction we get from choosing, buying, and using the things we pay money for. 

The role that technology plays here is to ease users’ lives by making things easier and more convenient. Most digital marketing AI and algorithms aim to improve the user experience. Take, for example, search engine optimization (SEO), an innovation designed to provide users with better access to content relevant to them. By using this, it creates a better experience for the customers as it gives them convenience and easy access to the information catered to their liking. It’s clear to see that businesses need to put resources into digital marketing to better serve their customers by enhancing their online experience

 Letting this all sink in, we get to see that we are now living in a world where the dynamics have been drastically changed because of various trends, and because of this, it prompts businesses to remain ahead of the game by being flexible and adaptable.

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ZAP’s E-Store and Loyalty Program: Streamline Your Business 

Through the eyes of an outsider, it may seem as though everything comes easy to run a business so smoothly, but the truth is– the stress that comes with it matches no other. Every day, we face challenges in managing various employees, trying to retain and capture customers, manage finances, all while trying to grow the business.

Wouldn’t it be easier if there was some way to alleviate some of that stress? What if there was a solution that could help you streamline your operations while providing programs that would grow your business further? 

In this article, we’ll explore how ZAP can offload some of the stress business owners experience every day by helping you manage your business more efficiently, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business.

ZAP’s E-Store and Loyalty Program is an innovative solution that can help businesses manage their customers, streamline services, and reduce stress. 

1. Hassle-free Rewards Systems 

One way that ZAP’s Estore and Loyalty Program can help businesses reduce stress is by providing a good shopping experience for customers. With ZAP’s Loyalty Program, customers can easily earn and redeem rewards for their loyalty. This increases the likelihood of customers coming back and improves their overall satisfaction, both of which can boost revenue and profit. Having your own E-Store also allows customers to view your products online and shop anytime and anywhere! 

2. Capture The Right Audience

ZAP’s Loyalty Program can help businesses capture a segmented market of their customers in order to know their customers closely and be able to grow repeat buyers. This would ultimately help businesses make informed decisions about how to serve customers better without doing excessive efforts, but at the same time making customer’s shopping experience more fun and rewarding. 

Setting your online presence may seem daunting and complicated. Availing your very own E-Store allows you to promote all of your products and services to the right people who may need and want what you offer. With ZAP E-Store, you can provide your customers easy payment options, delivery, and easy order with just a few clicks. You’ll be notified, giving you the power to manage your business effectively! 

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Loyalty Program Studies Shows Success for Business in The Philippines 2023

Too many businesses are busy finding solutions to lowering costs and they often overlook that building close relationships with customers through a loyalty program is one of the most economical ways to keep costs down. So, how does keeping customers convert into financial gains? 

Think about how much it costs to keep an existing customer happy compared to how much it costs to bring in a new one. Advertising and marketing are costly investments that may add up quickly when trying to bring in new customers. The average cost of acquiring a new customer is five times more than keeping an existing customer. And that speaks volumes. 

If ever you’re eyeing to create a loyalty program for your business, here are some benefits you would get that you can think about as you weigh all your choices: 

1. Increased Customer Retention 

Loyalty programs are an efficient method of increasing customer retention, which is a key aspect of any company’s overall success. Businesses can encourage customers to continue purchasing from them by providing such incentives, hence raising customer retention rates. In fact, according to an Accenture survey, loyalty program members in the Philippines spend 12% more on each transaction and 27% more annually than non-members. This increased spending translates into better revenue for firms.

2. Enhanced Customer Engagement 

Loyalty programs also help businesses to engage with their customers in a more personalized and meaningful way. By collecting customer data such as purchase history, preferences, and demographics, businesses can create tailored marketing campaigns and promotions that resonate with their customers. For instance, a study by Colloquy found that 54% of Filipinos want personalized offers and recommendations from loyalty programs. By providing such personalized experiences, businesses can build stronger relationships with their customers and increase customer loyalty.

 3. Improved Brand Loyalty

Loyalty programs not only improve customer loyalty but also foster brand loyalty. Customers who have high regard for a brand are more inclined to share and promote the brand to others, resulting in more customers and increased revenue. Additionally, it was also stated from a study by The Loyalty Report that 79% of Filipinos would promote and recommend a brand to others if their experience with regards to the company’s loyalty programs are good. By providing a positive and rewarding loyalty program experience, businesses can enhance brand loyalty and gain new customers through word-of-mouth marketing. 

4. Increased Customer Lifetime Value

 Lastly, loyalty programs can increase the lifetime value of customers for businesses. By encouraging customers to make repeat purchases and spend more, businesses can increase the revenue generated from each customer over their lifetime. According to a study by Bond Brand Loyalty, loyalty program members in the Philippines have a higher customer lifetime value, spending an average of 39% more than non-members. This increased spending over the customer’s lifetime translates to higher revenue for businesses. 

We can see that Loyalty programs have proven to be successful for businesses in the Philippines – it’s even backed up by multiple studies that indicate how creating one could result in an increase in customer retention, engagement, brand loyalty, and customer lifetime value. So what’s there to think about? Start and take advantage of this marketing strategy before it’s too late! Start your loyalty program with ZAP– the No. 1 Loyalty Program Provider in the Philippines.

Latest Deals for Foodies & Adventurers on ZAP Deals

Are you a foodie who loves trying out new restaurants and flavors? Or are you an adventure seeker always looking for the next thrilling experience? Whatever your passion, ZAP Deals has got you covered with its wide selection of exciting deals that you can enjoy and also be on budget! 

ZAP Deals is an online marketplace that offers a variety of discounted deals for food and beverage, adventure and travel, health and wellness, and online shopping. Whether you want to go on an epic adventure, indulge in a sumptuous meal, or pamper yourself with a spa treatment, you would want to experience ZAP deals! 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the newest and popular deals available!

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Hit the road this summer and save big on fuel costs with our exclusive gas deal! Enjoy 20% off on the Caltex VIP Discount Card and fuel up for less, making every summer adventure an unforgettable (and affordable) experience.

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3.) 30% Off on Banh Mi’s Deal Bundles: 

Satisfy your cravings for authentic Vietnamese cuisine with our mouth-watering Banh Mi sandwiches! For a limited time only, we’re offering a special discount of 30% off on selected bundles! 

  • 2 Meatless Falafel Banh Mi Bundle

    Choose healthy without compromising value with our 2 Meatless Falafel Banh Mi bundle at 30% off! Experience a Mediterranean take on a Banh Mi that’s vegan and vegetarian-friendly!

    What’s included in this bundle? 

    2 pieces of Meatless Falafel Banh Mi (Falafel Patties, Cucumber, Pickled Carrots and Radish, Hoisin Sauce, and Cilantro)

    Branches Available: 
    • SM Megamall
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  •  Vegan Vermicelli Salad + Baked Kani Spring Rolls Bundle

    What’s included in this Bundle? 

    The exclusive, Vegan Vermicelli Salad that is served in bowls — with noodles topped using fresh vegetables and cilantro that is best enjoyed with our special creamy peanut sauce and Vietnamese nuoc cham.

    Besides the salad bowl, this bundle also comes with 9 pcs Baked Kani Spring Rolls with nuoc cham on the side for a more filling and enjoyable healthy meal.

    Branches Available: 
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  • 2 Spicy Lechon Banh Mi Bundle

    You can now bring a friend to share this special offer — get 2 Spicy Lechon Belly Banh Mi at 30% off! This crowd-favorite sandwich was first launched in Cebu but later rolled out in all our branches due to public demand. Now, you can always order one if you’re missing this Cebu specialty.

    What’s included in this bundle? 

    2 pieces Spicy Lechon Belly Banh Mi (Spicy Lechon Meat and Skin, BMKN Spicy Sauce, Pate, Cucumber, Pickled Radish & Carrots and Cilantro)

    Branches Available: 
    • SM Megamall
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    • Bonifacio Stopover
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    • Manila Doctors Hospital

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