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Little ZAP’s of Love Campaign: A Love Food Adventure to Join This February 2023!

Calling all the Foodies! This February, ZAP is launching a love campaign called “Little ZAP’s of Love!” It’s all about spreading love and happiness by treating yourself or others in what way you might ask? Food Delivery! 

What Is Little ZAP’s of Love?

Little ZAP’s of Love is a campaign to celebrate all the different types of love that you can feel for anyone in your life this 2023!

The goal is  to surprise both new and loyal customers of ZAP Merchants who will order during our campaign. Participants have the chance of winning surprises such as meeting their favorite influencers and getting a surprise delivery!  

How Can I Join Little ZAP’s of Love?

Little ZAP’s of Love is a campaign that embodies all the different types of love that you have in your life: family, friends, pets, career, hobbies, and more! But why not celebrate it with some yummy food? Yes you can join our Love Campaign by simply ordering some yummy food from our selected merchants until Feb.27,2023! Here are the steps: 

1.) Order to any of our selected merchants such as Yogost, Project Kitchen, and Take Root on Feb 6-28, 2023! 

2.) Enter the following codes in the “Notes” section upon check out from their E-Stores!

Jerico Code: JCOZAP

Yani Code- YNIZAP

Charlize Code- CLEZAP

3.) 6 lucky winners will be announced in our IG Page: PoweredbyZAP on Feb 28, 2023!

4. Winners will have a surprise delivery by their favorite influencers on March 3, 2023!

What Are The Terms and Conditions of Little ZAP’s of Love?

– Customers must place their orders until Feb 28,2023 and pick March 3 as the date for delivery to get a chance to have their order delivered by an influencer.

– Orders must only be within Metro Manila.

– Customers who place their orders only with participating ZAP E-Store Merchants will get this one in a million chance!

This February, hop into a love adventure! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to win great prizes and help spread happiness to others by joining us on our social media page! Details will be posted soon so keep your eyes peeled and get ready to be inspired by our new campaigns!

New Year Food Picks That You Should Not Miss! 

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts you’re going to give your loved ones. And what could be more special than giving them some delicious food? This year, instead of giving everyone the same old boring gift, why not give them something that they’ll love and enjoy eating? Here’s our list of Holiday Gifts that’s worth every spending!

Meet Fresh

When we think of gifts- it doesn’t always mean to opt for something extravagant. It could be taking your friend and trying something new! You can never go wrong with a surprise treat of desserts this holiday season! Meet Fresh offers exquisite teas, treats, and desserts like their mango berry series with their shaved ice milk ice, and their pudding series! Anyone in your family can have the perfect dessert bowl that they would definitely love! 

Order Here

Cupcake Lab Ph 

Cupcake Lab is known for their delicious and innovative baked products —such as their cakes, cupcakes, and other desserts. They’ve been serving for 10 years making sure that every experience of their customers is delightful and memorable. 

They have their original flavored cupcakes like their almond, red velvet, chocolate caramel, and smores as well as customized cupcake or cake designs that you may request! If you are looking for something different and fun to surprise your family, especially your kids with- they have DIY Kits where you can decorate your cupcakes or cake! 

Order Here

Fruit Loot 

Next up we have the Fruit Loot! They are known for the freshest fruits from all over the world. You bet that it’s premium quality and nutritious that’s loved by us Filipinos who live in a tropical climate at a fair price and in the quickest, most hassle-free way possible! 

Their fruits are air flown or shipped regularly from their international partners to Fruit Loot’s local storage facility, where they are kept at optimum temperature to ensure freshness and the highest of quality when they are delivered to your doorsteps just one day after you order. 

So, If you are looking for a healthy gift idea for your loved ones- this is perfect to buy! They have many fruit bundle selections that you can choose from. They offer fruit basket ideas with mixed fruits, mixers, and gift boxes. Take a look and see which you want to gift! 

Order Here

Happy Cup

If you want something simple- Happy Cup is your pick! It’s a business venture of celebrity sisters, Toni Gonzaga-Soriano and Alex Gonzaga that was established in May 2017. They offer a variety of beverage products in the form of frappes, milk teas, pearl coolers and now, ready to drink and do it yourself milk tea sets that you can enjoy at home at affordable prices.

As the brand name Happy Cup, they ensure that each cup it serves truly brings happiness to all. If you’re looking for a simple gift to refresh your holidays at home with, this is the perfect pick for you and your foodie friends + family!

Order Here

Fiesta Meals to Add in Your Noche Buena!

Every home gives their best when it comes to preparing delicious meals to the table for everyone to share. Good food, deep conversations, boisterous laughs, big stories, important announcements, and loud music are just some of the things we think about when the Christmas Season comes near. It’s always exciting and warm to anticipate and look forward to.

It doesn’t come off as a surprise to say that Filipino especially during the holidays take things up a notch in the food scene. Noche Buenas are like mini fiestas. Every family has their own way of celebrating with their relatives and friends and usually, it won’t be complete without a table full of appetizing dishes and scrumptious treats & desserts for everybody to try! If you want to amp up your fiesta menu and have a hassle-free holiday preparation, check out some of our E-Store Merchant’s that you and your relatives would surely love to bond over when you order online!

Fiesta To Go 

If you find yourself having trouble deciding on what to serve for the upcoming Fiesta celebrations, Fiesta To Go can help you curate the menu that will satisfy your family and friends. They offer a variety of mouth watering classic Filipino favorite dishes perfect for any occasion of different sizes. Their overflowing list of delicious food will definitely get you excited and create a memorable occasion for your guests.  

Order Here!


Giligan’s is one of the most beloved local Filipino restaurants in the country. With over 100+ branches nationwide, they offer affordable and appetizing Filipino dishes perfect for a fiesta celebration or any occasion. Established in 1997, they take pride in providing quality food at a reasonable price. Sizzling Sisig and Fried Garlic Chicken are just a few of their yummy specialties. Just looking at their delicious menu would make you crave for every dish you see. 

Order Here!

Vito’s BBQ

A Fiesta won’t be complete without barbeque. Vito’s BBQ has one of the most savory grilled menu in town. Philippine Daily Inquirer even tagged them as one of the Top Food Take Outs of the Year. A testament of their good food and great service. This restaurant was founded by Mike and Karlene Pelayo with a shared goal of serving the most delicious chicken barbeque in town. And clearly, they have done just that with the overwhelming and top reviews from all of their customers. But Barbecue isn’t the only food they serve. Among their menu are classic Filipino dishes like Pancit Malabon, Classic Spaghetti and the fan favorite, Shanghai. 

Order Here!

King Chef

Give your fiesta celebration a taste of Chinese cuisine with King Chef’s best-tasting and healthy authentic Cantonese food. King Chef is a well-loved Dimsum and Cantonese restaurant. They offer bundles and trays of their dishes you can choose from, enough for all of your hungry visitors. A serving of good stir-fried noodles should also never be left out on these occasions. As Filipinos have this belief that eating noodles can prolong their life. Check out their Chef’s Recommendations and get a taste of their Cantonese culinary creations.  

Order Here!

Food has always brought people closer and made celebrations more memorable. But preparing food should also be fun and stress free. With these restaurants, celebrating with your loved ones will make it extra special. So what are you waiting for? Save your time and money by heading over to these restaurants’ websites. Curate your fiesta’s menu and have your food delivered right to your doorstep.

Healthy Mukbang Options for You! 

Yummy Mukbang videos have emerged and stayed as a trending food culture due to lots of people wanting to try out various food options that are mouthwatering and delicious! The dessert lovers choose their sweet treats from ice cream, candies, cakes, cookies, and more. Meat lovers have their  chicken, pork, and beef cutlets! But what about vegetarians and vegans- don’t they get to have mukbangs? Sure they can! 

Most Vegans can relate to the struggle of finding fast food restaurants that have plant based food options in their menu. It’s hard to ensure that you’ll always find something within your diet and chosen lifestyle! Behold! We’ve got these top healthy food picks for you to try and enjoy with your friends as a mukbang. 

Brother’s Burger:

Brother’s Burger was known for their uniquely-seasoned flame-grilled designer burgers and sandwiches. Since the burger industry continued to grow and innovate, it was only recently that they decided to  explore other styles of making burgers special! Hence the creation of their plant-based veggie burgers!

  • Brothers Veggie Burger

Healthier Version of the Brothers Burger Grilled Vegetarian patty with tomato catsup, homemade Mayonnaise, topped with fresh lettuce, onions and tomatoes on a warm toasted oatmeal bun! Order here. 

  • Brothers Veggie Lettuce Wrap

One of their best-sellers is their Veggie Lettuce Wrap! Their ingredients are fresh pickles and tomatoes with wrapped lettuce and your choice of added toppings and dips. This meal is 100% meatless! Order here. 

Take Root:

Take Root is a junk-free snack company! They’re known for their best-selling Kale Chips that’s gluten-free and vegan! They are committed to serving natural products, they source their pesticide-free veggies from small local farms and season their vegetables with nuts, herbs, and spices. They don’t fry, but only dry their vegetable chips!  

  • Kale Chips

Here’s an alternative healthy chip for you! Take Root offers you their flavorful kale chips like rosemary peppercorn, balsamic vinegar, cheezy vegan, and more! These chips are equivalent to 2 servings of your daily greens. Take your pick and Order here!

  • PB Cups

Looking for ways to satisfy a sweet tooth, naturally?  Peanut butter cups are an all-time favorite treat of Take Roots! When they say their Peanut Butter Cups are CLEAN, they mean it! There are no artificial additives or preservatives in their recipe- just a few all-natural, quality ingredients that you can feel good about. Utterly irresistible. It’s also Gluten-Free and Vegan. Order here

Pizza Plant:

Pizza Plant offers you 100% fresh, delicious, and plant based pizza with different flavors for you. They have branches in Eastwood, Quezon and also San Juan in Metro Manila. They also have an online store for easier and faster ordering!

  • Margherita

Their Margherita is a simple and classic pizza appreciated by everyone. Allergens: Cashews, Gluten. Order here!

  •  Italian Sausage Pizza   

A fresh take on our version of Italian sausage using soy protein to round off with crisp onions and bell peppers. Allergens: Cashews, Gluten, Soy. Order Here! 

Excited and pumped to have your own healthy mukbang? Visit their websites and shop now! 

Chinese Cuisine Top Picks For You to Try! 

Wondering where to order some traditional Chinese food? Don’t worry! If you want to satisfy your cravings —our top picks are definitely the best place to start! You won’t feel unsatisfied once you try some steamy flavorful noodles or different kinds of meat servings, dumplings, pork cutlets, tender chicken dishes, and more! These top picks truly capture traditional Chinese Cuisine!  

Wu’s Kitchen

Wu’s Kitchen is a Filipino-made brand that was inspired by the owner’s love for the authentic Roasting food practice from Hong Kong. Wu’s Kitchen launched their online presence in 2016 and the concept quickly gained popularity. If you’re not sure what to try or where to start, their Premium Roast Duck dish is undoubtedly their best-seller. What are you waiting for? Order online

Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie

The signature curry & noodle soup at Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie is widely perceived as the best quick and hearty Hong Kong comfort meal. Particularly noteworthy is their Hong Kong Soy Chicken on Clay-pot Rice which is absolutely mouth-watering! At Tuan Tuan, you get a one-of-a-kind dining experience by elevating classic Chinese cuisine within a sleek yet welcoming French inspired setting. You may order online!

Yao’s Kitchen

The signature curry & noodle soup at Tuan Tuan Chinese Brasserie is widely perceived as the best quick and hearty Hong Kong comfort meal. Particularly noteworthy is their Hong Kong Soy Chicken on Clay-pot Rice which is absolutely mouth-watering! At Tuan Tuan, you get a one-of-a-kind dining experience by elevating classic Chinese cuisine within a sleek yet welcoming French inspired setting. You may order online!

Golden Bamboo

Golden Bamboo Restaurant takes great pride in preparing traditional yet innovative Chinese dishes with only the freshest ingredients. It’s ideal for group celebrations with friends and family who love exquisite contemporary Chinese cuisine. Satisfy your cravings with their handcrafted Dimsum and spicy noodle soup and order online

Little Beijing

Despite only being in the market for less than a decade, Little Beijing has made its way in competing with some of the most renowned Chinese restaurants. Little Beijing is one of the top Chinese food restaurants in town that’s reasonably priced. They provide catering services, online deliveries, take-out options, and curbside pick-up! And while you’re at it-  General Tso’s Pork is definitely a dish to order!


It’s not hard to understand why people enjoy dining at restaurants. The opportunity to leave the house and have a meal prepared and served to you is too good to pass up. It’s a great way to spend quality time with loved ones with an ambiance that’s new to us. But oftentimes, after a long day, nothing beats having your food delivered to you and enjoying it in the comfort of your own home!

Food and Beverage Industry: The New Look

photo from Pavel Danilyuk

The movement of the Food and Beverage Industry to the future is loud, fast, and near. Everyone loves good food. Who doesn’t? We bond over it, enjoy great times, celebrate, and make memories with the best people around us. It has become part of our warm and creative culture that we’ve grown to take care of. The Food and Beverage Industries that we have witnessed being back during the pandemic are now starting to make a movement- a comeback that will change the way we appreciate our age of digital progress, our time to move and thrive, and of-course food!  

We have shifted drastically to more efficient, safe,and fast food-shopping. No more missing out on our favorite cravings! Our favorite food restaurants and drink shops have heard us. They’re finally serving again- and this time, even better! And we believe that there’s more to come. Are you part of the new movement? 

Food and Beverage Industry: Back on Their Feet

People are always in for exciting and thrilling experiences when it comes to food and drinks! But,  due to restrictions and the pandemic, it’s good to be cautious. While eating out is a great experience- when we think of our family’s safety it could be a factor to have options to deliver. You might ask “But, wait… is our favorite restaurant servicing deliveries? “Could we order online?”  The answer is yes! More and more restaurants are now shifting to a more accessible way of making their food, drinks,  and services available to you. Not just that, they’re improving on giving loyalty rewards, coupons, and exciting deals for their customers to enjoy their overall e-shopping experiences. They’re making their foundations stronger and making better enterprise and marketing plans smarter and efficient. 

Faster and Easier 

The idea is for food to be delivered fast and accessible to customers. Food and Beverage industries like Vito’s BBQ, Mcdo, KFC, Yogost, and Heavenly know better that investing on what would make their restaurants deliver better is the key to get back on the game. The new look is speed, quality, and engagement to the customers. But how? 

Technology plays a big role as we now live in a digital era. Instead of it being a problem for restaurants to be left behind, they’re bringing about wits and determination to step up and meet their customers by utilizing available data, services, and online platforms like social media to step up their marketing efforts and aim to be successful. We’re not just talking about targeting millennials- we’re talking about the entirety and the continuous shift to deliver better and adapt to the current situation of pandemic and lockdowns. 

The Food and Beverage Industry is now moving into a new phase, and trusted companies like ZAP that’s offering e-store platform and Loyalty Programs are one of the key-roles that have helped more than 2,000 F&B merchants of any size go online. Whether you are a business that’s small but aiming to grow big and wide- ZAP team is here to help. We are made for the food and restaurant industry. We will equip you to accept, fulfill, and deliver orders to customers with ease with your very own branded eCommerce website. With the ZAP Group Team, merchants are able to offer same-day delivery with Grab, Lalamove, or Borzo integration. Give customers an easy-to-use online ordering platform for instant or scheduled pick up or delivery. Interested? Contact us!

Filipino Food Picks For You!

Filipino food is so diverse and filled with so much flavor, it will satisfy any of your cravings. May it be spicy, sweet or sour, there’s definitely a perfect Filipino delicacy for you. But if you’re not sure where to start your Pinoy food trip or If you’re looking for that specific taste of Filipino food, this list of ZAP merchants can certainly quench that hunger.

  • Iceberg’s

Got that sweet tooth? Iceberg’s got you. Famous for their delicious ice cream concoctions and hearty meals, Iceberg’s has been serving since 1986. One of their staple items on their menu is the Filipino dessert, Halo-Halo. Iceberg has been offering this delicious local dessert for 3 decades along with a list of traditional Filipino food. But if Halo-Halo isn’t for you, you can also check out Iceberg’s Specialty portion on their menu which is a list of other sweet and cold desserts they offer. Order Here!

  • Indulge by Daisy Marie

With the rainy season coming, what better way to warm you than a hot sweet serving of Champorado. Indulge by Daisy Marie offers different flavors of champorado like Ube and Strawberry Pannacotta Champorado, perfect if you’re feeling daring or just looking for a new taste on your Champorado.  Order Here!

  • Vito’s BBQ

Vito’s BBQ is the Pambansang BBQ! It has been a food staple in all occasions that started as a small family business that caters to the traditional food meals that we enjoy. Now they share our Vito BBQ with other Filipino families to enjoy and also be a part of both their big and small celebrations. Their mouthwatering menu can surely satisfy your palate. Order Here!

  • Empanada Nation

No need to visit the province of Ilocos to get a taste of their special empanada. Just head over to Empanada Nation’s online store and order their authentic Ilocano Empanada. Their empanadas are made upon ordering and are served fresh and hot straight from the pot. Take a tour on their menu and discover a variety of traditional and tasty Filipino food, perfect for an all day meal. Order Here!

  • Betty’s Best

We Filipinos love gatherings, since these occasions usually involve food. Betty’s Best has a variety of delicious party platters of our favorite traditional Filipino dishes your family and friends will surely enjoy. Their menu also offers other appetizing dishes such as the Filipino party favorite, shanghai. Betty’s Best is also home to the Best Sisig Sotanghon. Sotanghon noodles topped with their signature sisig, this unique dish will make your celebration more memorable.

Filipino food is definitely a must try as it has one of the richest food cultures in Southeast Asia. And these restaurants successfully showcase that. Not only are they full of flavors, but also carry a piece of the country’s culture and heritage. Most of their dishes even have influences from Eastern and Western countries such as Spain and China. If you like food from these places, you’re gonna love the Filipino style. So what are you waiting for? Just head over to their websites and check their online store and enjoy your Filipino food trip. Tara, kain! Order Here!

Problems home cooks face (and how to solve them)

Given the challenges brought about by the pandemic – with malls now operating in a limited capacity and dine-in heavily discouraged – it’s understandable how many businesses and food entrepreneurs have been forced to adopt the “home cooking model” to survive. However, becoming a home cook is harder than it seems. 

It’s easy to think, at first glance, that home cooking is just about preparing meals. “Passion can pull me through,” one may think. But, more often than not, home cooks just end up doing everything themselves. And that’s not exactly the best way to streamline.

Here are some struggles you may encounter as you embark on the journey of becoming a home cook.

Manual.. everything

Cooking in itself is already an arduous process. If you’re doing things alone, this entails doing all the prep work, the actual cooking, and the clean-up. And how many times do you have to do this in a day? In a week? 

Yes, we can romanticize the idea of cooking food on your own, grinding for your art. However, operating a home kitchen goes way beyond cooking. Think of the process beyond the kitchen. Suppose you’re a one-person army running a food business. How will you take orders? You’ll take it one by one via SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, or IG DM? After a person orders, you have to individually check payment settlement or even wait for

The manual process in itself, on a case-by-case basis, is not only too much for one person but troublesome and inefficient for your overall operations. Yes, you can personally set up a website or e-commerce platform. But, if you’re doing things alone and are not savvy, do you really have the time to learn?

Photo by from Pexels

Coordination can get crazy

Let’s say getting orders and payments, both manually, is something you feel like you can manage. Let’s also consider the coordination of things: think of the back-and-forth. Part and parcel of home cooks and their cloud kitchens is delivery. There is no such thing as dine-in in this model. So your service will hinge on logistics.

For each order, you have to check the status of the kitchen; you have to notify the customer of their delivery status. This can take multiple rounds per customer. 

Then after the delivery, you need to tally sales, manage the inventory, and the other tasks part of planning and managing operations. You may count on third-party services to handle delivery and coordination, but those ask for high commissions, leaving you with extremely thin margins. 

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

Customer service suffers

There won’t be enough free time to make your service feel more personal. Coming up with promos or loyalty programs will not be easy too, as those need additional monitoring. 

Compound all of this time you spend on manual processes, and chances are your energy will be well spent keeping daily operations afloat. You won’t have enough bandwidth for the things that matter the most: keeping your customers happy.

Lastly, joining a delivery platform to “ease” things may raise awareness about your shop but will also drive prices up to the detriment of your customers. 

This is not a mere issue of saving money and operating lean; instead, it is one of holding you and your business back. That can outweigh any potential good. And, think of yourself. Your attention and overall wellness will suffer, and, in turn, maybe your food will too.

Lighten the load

With any business, spreading yourself thin is not the way to go. The best alternative to these circumstances is streamlining holistically. This is far from just doing everything on your own. It is consciously selecting one’s battles and finding ways to incorporate automation and other tech services.

Yes, at times, it’s hard to go beyond the traditional. But with digital transformation accelerated globally – with 6 out of 10 businesses going digital – you don’t want to be left behind.

An agile home cook knows they can do better by launching their own branded e-store. They also know that these are steps they don’t have to do by themselves. There are services, like ZAP e-store, which can help you launch your e-business quickly and efficiently. They can handle set-up and integration whether you have an existing app or don’t.

Automated ordering and inventory management are also present, so you won’t need to message the kitchen yourself. An order gets sent straight to your store for preparation. Plus, whether it’s online or manual payments (if you still want to give people the option), either is available.

Remember, this is your own branded e-store, with the term “own” not being used lightly. This means smaller third-party commissions and control over promos, discounts, and loyalty programs. All this leads to higher profit margins.

According to Betty Nakpil of Betty’s Best, home of the best sisig sotanghon, “[An e-store] super simplified [our business] for us, and also for customers. It’s nice to make the experience of the customers good; not just for the products we sell, but also for the whole buying experience.”

Less load on you and your lean team, better customer service, this is how a home cook ready for the “next normal” operates. Are you ready?

Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

Photo credits: Food photo created by freepik