Fiesta Meals to Add in Your Noche Buena!

Every home gives their best when it comes to preparing delicious meals to the table for everyone to share. Good food, deep conversations, boisterous laughs, big stories, important announcements, and loud music are just some of the things we think about when the Christmas Season comes near. It’s always exciting and warm to anticipate and look forward to.

It doesn’t come off as a surprise to say that Filipino especially during the holidays take things up a notch in the food scene. Noche Buenas are like mini fiestas. Every family has their own way of celebrating with their relatives and friends and usually, it won’t be complete without a table full of appetizing dishes and scrumptious treats & desserts for everybody to try! If you want to amp up your fiesta menu and have a hassle-free holiday preparation, check out some of our E-Store Merchant’s that you and your relatives would surely love to bond over when you order online!

Fiesta To Go 

If you find yourself having trouble deciding on what to serve for the upcoming Fiesta celebrations, Fiesta To Go can help you curate the menu that will satisfy your family and friends. They offer a variety of mouth watering classic Filipino favorite dishes perfect for any occasion of different sizes. Their overflowing list of delicious food will definitely get you excited and create a memorable occasion for your guests.  

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Giligan’s is one of the most beloved local Filipino restaurants in the country. With over 100+ branches nationwide, they offer affordable and appetizing Filipino dishes perfect for a fiesta celebration or any occasion. Established in 1997, they take pride in providing quality food at a reasonable price. Sizzling Sisig and Fried Garlic Chicken are just a few of their yummy specialties. Just looking at their delicious menu would make you crave for every dish you see. 

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Vito’s BBQ

A Fiesta won’t be complete without barbeque. Vito’s BBQ has one of the most savory grilled menu in town. Philippine Daily Inquirer even tagged them as one of the Top Food Take Outs of the Year. A testament of their good food and great service. This restaurant was founded by Mike and Karlene Pelayo with a shared goal of serving the most delicious chicken barbeque in town. And clearly, they have done just that with the overwhelming and top reviews from all of their customers. But Barbecue isn’t the only food they serve. Among their menu are classic Filipino dishes like Pancit Malabon, Classic Spaghetti and the fan favorite, Shanghai. 

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King Chef

Give your fiesta celebration a taste of Chinese cuisine with King Chef’s best-tasting and healthy authentic Cantonese food. King Chef is a well-loved Dimsum and Cantonese restaurant. They offer bundles and trays of their dishes you can choose from, enough for all of your hungry visitors. A serving of good stir-fried noodles should also never be left out on these occasions. As Filipinos have this belief that eating noodles can prolong their life. Check out their Chef’s Recommendations and get a taste of their Cantonese culinary creations.  

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Food has always brought people closer and made celebrations more memorable. But preparing food should also be fun and stress free. With these restaurants, celebrating with your loved ones will make it extra special. So what are you waiting for? Save your time and money by heading over to these restaurants’ websites. Curate your fiesta’s menu and have your food delivered right to your doorstep.

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