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From Kitchen to Customer: Choosing the Right Fulfilment Partner

Calling all e-ntrepreneurs! We have a special treat just for you. Learn more about improving your business at “From Kitchen to Customer: Choosing the Right Fulfilment Partner” a webinar showcasing ZAP E-Store’s integrated delivery feature.

One delivery app that caters to 20 cities all over the Philippines. GrabExpress focuses on the Greater Metro Manila since inter-city delivery can be done within this cluster. Meaning, you can deliver from metro manila to Cavite or vice versa. For cities outside of the GMM cluster, like Baguio or Bacolod, drop off and pick up locations should be within the city. For the maximum delivery distance, it is 25 kilometers for motorcycles and 15 kilometers for cars.


Choosing The Right Fulfilment Partner

GrabExpress Delivery Integration

The basic API process flow shows how booking takes place on your website without having to manually input information such as the delivery address. The API makes your deliveries easier and faster. GrabExpress has 4 API Technologies:

  • Rates API calculates your delivery fees. This can also be customized based on how you want to price your delivery fees.

  • Booking API collects all the necessary information of the transaction for the delivery to be successful. This API also triggers the request for a rider on GrabExpress’ system.

  • Tracking Webhook provides the driver’s information such as their name, phone number and their vehicle’s plate number. It is also the source for your transaction link wherein you can keep tabs on the status of your delivery rider.

  • Cancel API is the access for you to cancel your transaction. The cancellation can only be done once a rider has been assigned to your delivery.

GrabExpress Delivery Fees

There are 3 different delivery fee packages offered by GrabExpress to the merchants of ZAP that are interested in having GrabExpress in their online store. The F&B Basic, F&B Plus and Ecommerce. The F&B Basic and Plus is not limited to the food and beverages type of business. You can avail of this package if you are interested and find that it fits with your business. These delivery packages are fixed and are not subject to peak hours or rush hours. With Ecommerce, it is best for merchants that offer non-perishable items. This package offers a 3%  cash handling fee that assures you that Grab will remit the declared COD value on time to your bank account, whatever happens to the customer’s money with the rider.

ZAP and Grab have a shared goal of giving their merchants a more efficient and convenient way to cater to their customers’ demands. With their partnership, ZAP merchants have the benefit of onboarding GrabExpress on their website as fast as 3 weeks. 

From food to groceries we all relied on these delivery services even after the pandemic restrictions decreased.  These services have continued to boom. Online stores are getting busy. It’s not just about ordering because you want your food to arrive fast- it was because of safety measures and reliable service experience. In just a few taps, you can order your food right away! 

Grab is one of the top apps today.  It continues to be known for its trust-worthy food delivery and transport services. During the midst of the pandemic, Grab wanted to help different types of businesses to continue their operations and cater to their consumers. That’s how GrabExpress was born.

What is GrabExpress?

GrabExpress is an on demand premium delivery service that provides merchants the convenience in reaching their customers. It focuses on in-house orders where merchants can book a rider to have their items delivered right to their customer’s doorstep. These orders are usually placed through your businesses’ ordering platform, such as your website.

Where is GrabExpress available?

If you need the right business platform for you to put your products and feature your types of services, the ZAP Group Inc. has partnered with GrabExpress to help bridge your online store and delivery/ shipping reliably for you and your customers. Streamline your order fulfillment with your own E-Store. Interested? Contact us.

Online Payment Gateways, Why You Need One

Manually confirming payments can be a hassle process for business owners. But it doesn’t always have to be this way. Our E-Store provides merchants the ease of creating a website and an online presence.  It includes payment gateways and other features that will make the experience for both the merchants and customers convenient.

Having a hard time managing customer payments? Learn our discussion with Paymongo on how an online payment gateway can help your business grow, and boost your sales.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a system in which customers pay for their transactions through the merchant’s website using their credit card or other digital wallet. This type of payment removes the hassle of visiting the physical store or going to a bank for the customer to transfer their payment. This also protects merchants from fraud or scam payments. 

Ever since the pandemic, everyone has been used to paying online. This allowed businesses to be more adaptable and give customers a seamless payment method when they shop online making their transaction process simple and hassle free! 

Who is Paymongo?

Since 2019, Paymongo has been building tools for online businesses to easily and securely accept payments and manage their e-commerce finance. They are now supporting over 15,000 businesses of all sizes, whether you’re accepting payments through a website, an app or social media.

Why Paymongo?

Paymongo was born out of the pain points that they have observed when businesses availed payment services. They used those observations as reference on how to provide a better and less stressful service for both business owners and customers. With Paymongo, you won’t have to worry about the setup costs, long paperworks and tedious process of onboarding. This results  in having more time to focus on your business’ marketing goals. Below are the list of Paymongo’s main products:

  1. Payment Links are best if you are selling through social media. You only need to create a one time link and provide it to your customer. This link accepts credit card, debit card, e-wallet and over the counter payments. It’s an easy two step process.
  1. Payment Pages is a reusable link that allows you to collect as many payments as you need. This can be set if you want to have a fixed amount for one page if you prefer to have an open field where the customer can input the amount for checkout.
  1. Robust APIs can be used if you are building a custom built website of your app from scratch. You can use Paymongo’s API when you are building the checkout feature to add VISA, MasterCard, Gcash, GrabPay and PayMaya into your website.
  1. With ECommerce Plug-ins, you won’t have to do any coding or engineering to accept payments. 

Paymongo All-In-One Dashboard 

Whether you’re accepting payments on social media, an app or your website, you only have one centralized dashboard to track and manage all of your payments from all of your online E-commerce channels. In your dashboard, you can easily view up and coming payouts, issue refunds and export all your transaction history from all the transactions you receive and payouts that will be sent to your bank account.

Interested to set up a friendly online store for your customers with various online payment getaways? Contact us. 

Online Selling: Tips from the Experts

Looking for ways to upskill you and your business?

Introducing “Online Selling: Tips from the Experts” a webinar aimed at sharing ways in which ZAP and Shopify help F&B restaurants get their foot in the digital space. Watch our webinar rerun to learn from Shopify how a winning platform can help you master online selling!

Grow Your Home Food Business for 2023!

It’s that time of year again! For many businesses, the holiday season is a particularly lucrative time of year – sales tend to increase significantly over the rest of the year, and this can have a serious positive impact on the bottom line of your business. So what can you do to help ensure that your business is able to take full advantage of this opportunity?

Well, one of the most effective things you can do is to start selling online via an online store and if you have one already… it’s not too late to step up and find more ways to make your marketing initiatives to better perform and grow efficiently! Inspired by ZAP’s webinar called: Grow Your Home Food Business- here’s our tips for you to run a successful year ahead!

1.) Start Your E-Store:

Starting an E-Store is a great way to grow your business and gain new customers in the festive period and beyond. By having an online shop, you can reach people all around the world, and sell your products or services to customers in your area as well as those further afield. Start your e-store with ZAP. 

2.) Set Up Your Loyalty Program:

A loyalty program offers a number of benefits to you and your customers. It can help to increase sales and build stronger relationships with your customers, while also encouraging repeat business by offering special discounts to loyal customers. Setting up a loyalty program doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive – there are a number of options out there that allow you to set up a loyalty program quickly and easily. Set up Your Loyalty Program. 

3.)SMS Marketing Campaigns:

SMS marketing is an underrated marketing strategy and can easily be overlooked in favor of more ‘flashy’ tactics such as social media and email marketing campaigns. ZAP Fetch– our latest marketing precision tool offers an effective way of getting your message out there and engaging with customers. You can promote your customized discount codes for a particular product/ service  and announcements and be able to target specific markets according to your campaigns.

You can also use text messages to encourage customer testimonials, which can help you to build up a following of loyal customers who are likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

WEBINAR: Grow Your Home Food Business

If your starting your culinary empire from home, view our Webinar: Growing your Home Food Business to learn the best way to grow your business from home, and take your store online. Utilizing ZAP’s E-Store, problems such as manual orders, payment verification, and delivery integration become a thing of the past.