Month: October 2022

ZAP Loyalty for Nature Republic : Online + Offline Loyalty for Customers

When we hear Nature Republic, we instantly think of skin care products! Nature Republic is known as a brand that advocates wellness by using 100% natural ingredients found in nature all around the world. Every product item is authentic from South Korea. The skincare enthusiast in you might be screaming in joy, but there’s more for you in store! 

Today, selfcare no longer means just going to spas, but actually taking the time to invest in healthcare such as skincare products and doing it at home! Their tagline “Journey to Nature” speaks more about the quality of every product that they are offering us. They use a variety of natural ingredients like aloe, argan oil, marine collagen, green tea, shea butter and more. 

Nature Republic Rewards

Like any business, Nature Republic wants to make every customer’s journey exciting and fun! Who wouldn’t want to reward such loyal consumers? That’s why  Nature Republic partnered with ZAP with their loyalty program that’s integrated in their website’s system. Now, customers get to earn points and rewards after shopping and are already looking forward to their next purchase to accumulate more points and to save more! 

The process is easy and the benefits for your customers are great! 

How to Join the Loyalty Program in Nature Republic

  1. Register in their store

You can join the Loyalty Program by simply registering your phone number on the tablet when you pay and visit their store.You’ll instantly get notified of your points balance and you can use it for every purchase. 

Ready to spend your points? Enter your mobile number again and get your one-time pin to pay for purchases using the points. Click here for the step by step process. 

  1. Register Online: 

Can’t visit the physical store? You can also register and shop online, as well as redeem points just like visiting an actual branch! Simply go to Nature Republic’s website and click the NR (Nature Republic) Rewards widget on the lower right corner of the screen. 

Step One: Enter your number. 

Step Two: Get notified and enter the one-time pin. 

Step Three: Enter the number of points you want to redeem! 

Now your points will turn into Shopify coupons that you can use at check out. Click Here to join Nature Republic’s Loyalty Program and earn points & rewards! 

ZAP’s Loyalty Program: Offline + Online Loyalty for Customers

ZAP’s Loyalty Program enables merchant’s like Nature Republic to recruit loyal customers and make their membership and shopping experience exciting and rewarding both offline and online! Sustaining your company’s edge in the marketplace and giving value to your customers shows the growing success of your business. Interested? Contact us. 

E-Store for Business:  Why Do We Need a Website?

In 2021, around 2 billion people in the world were already doing their shopping digitally. In the same year, global e-commerce retail sales reached 4.9 trillion dollars which is also expected to increase by 50% in the next four years. This just shows how big of an impact a website can have on the growth and sales of your business.

Worldwide Reach

Unlike a physical store, an online store operates 24/7. This gives your customer the convenience of scanning your products whenever and however they want. Wherever they are in the world or what device they’re using, they will have access to your business. It also helps you introduce your business to the international market and increase your sales. You can make your business go global from the comfort of your home. Once you have established your online presence, anyone from anywhere can become a prospective customer.

Brand Credibility

Consider your website as the digital frontline of your business. An all-in-one digital store where you can post information, updates and announcements relevant to your audience that will catch their attention and spark their interest in buying your products. This is where they can get to know you and contact you. An online presence also builds your customer’s trust and assures them of your brand’s credibility since most shoppers start their product research by looking it up on the internet. They base their trust and judgment of your business according to your online information.


Websites are flexible and affordable. The online store saves you the cost of leasing a space for your business, unlike the traditional brick-and-mortar store. You can create and customize it anytime. Try different designs and styles without having to spend money and time buying displays. You also won’t have to stress about hiring different people to manage your online store since you can simply manage it all on your own.


Starting your own website and online store can be overwhelming. But with the right e-commerce platform, creating one can be worry-free. Shopify is one of the most trusted platforms of business owners to jump-start their online journey. Kickstart your website with Shopify and ZAP now and have your business be part of the growing community of successful business owners.